The addition of a Ministerial meeting, led by Maria Contreras-Sweet, administrator of the US Small Business Administration, to the GEC in 2015 is an indication that new firm formation is being elevated beyond being a side ring at the circus to being core to national economic policy across the world. Alongside ministers meeting in Milan were gatherings of their policy advisors including a Startup Nations Unconference, bi-lateral meetings, the annual meeting of the researchers and their funders that make up the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network and masterclasses on completed reports and related efforts underway to roll out more insights to inform cities, ecosystems and governments as entrepreneurs emerge as central to economic growth. 

Discussions in Moscow at the 2014 Start + Scale Forum focused on startup communities and those who support new firms as essential parts of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In Milan, the focus was on three aspects of the ecosystem: building competitive and entrepreneurial cities, educating tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, and the impact – positive and negative – that established companies have on the startup sector.

The 2015 Research + Policy Summit gathered entrepreneurs, policymakers and practitioners from around the world to examine collectively what mix of rules and incentives lead to greater numbers of high-impact startups. This year’s Summit followed on last year’s discussion about smart policymaking for building leading entrepreneurial cities and included a new topic: how to better track the impact of interventions to support entrepreneurs. It was a discussion that delved on extracting real impact signals, much beyond headline data about programs.

Join us March 14-17, 2016, for next year’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellin, Colombia!


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