Cloud Impact on Startups

17 Apr 2019
11:00 - 11:50

Cloud Impact on Startups

Powered by Economic Development Board of Bahrain.

The digital economy is a phrase that is used all the time, but to truly enjoy the benefits of higher growth, increasing productivity and rising job numbers that such a digitized economy can enable, we must fully embrace its underlying technology. The cloud is one such technology, who’s true potential is only just becoming clear. Whereas the cloud itself was the dynamic disruptive force, it is now the companies that run off the cloud that are the true disruptors.

The cloud does more than nearly any other technology to level the playing field. It allows entrepreneurs, startups and the largest global companies to have increased security, efficiency and flexibility in how they deliver their products and services. Yet, the concept of the cloud can be difficult for small companies to grasp. Would the cost be too high? Will it actually make a difference to Startups? Can it ever live up to the hype? These are all questions that many entrepreneurs face every day.

This session intends to answer all these questions and many more. Explaining how utilizing the cloud can help startups reach the next level of business success, embedding them in the ever-expanding digital economy.