Collaboration in Entrepreneurship: Working Alone No Longer Works

17 Apr 2019
11:00 - 11:50
Session Room 03

Collaboration in Entrepreneurship: Working Alone No Longer Works

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The disruptive technology of tomorrow will not be invented or commercialized by a single company or individual. Car companies are sharing resources to build driverless vehicles; pharmaceutical multinationals are partnering with biotechs; and tech companies are seeking outside expertise on the next big thing. Collaboration is king, and entrepreneurs must change their protective mindset.

In this session we will consider how entrepreneurs can take advantage of this new landscape. How to find the right partners; work in harmony with a bigger company; and ensure outcomes reflects their aims and values. There are almost too many opportunities for collaboration and company founders must be able to prioritize, balancing the benefits of external input, with the imperative of getting the building blocks of growth in place and keeping day-to-day operations ticking along.

Scaling a business is the ultimate aim and the session will move beyond the theoretical to examine the practical. How do different incubators compare; what should one look for in an accelerator; and who can help a startup jump to the next level. Entrepreneurs need to expand their horizons faster than ever, as otherwise they risk being overtaken by a more agile competitor. Join this session to learn more about best practice in the world of collaboration.