Entrepreneurial Success in Tech: Why "Moving Fast + Breaking Things" Seems Exciting but Won't Work

16 Apr 2019
15:30 - 16:20
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Entrepreneurial Success in Tech: Why "Moving Fast + Breaking Things" Seems Exciting but Won't Work

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This famous quote by Mark Zuckerberg has been a cornerstone of the tech startup space for many years. It sounds cool and disruptive. Revolutionary. But just because a few startups managed to do it does not make it a recipe for success – there are a LOT more failures in the startup space than successes. And the reason is not just because of the current struggles of Facebook or the general desire for a more responsible, virtuous tech environment. It is much more practical than that. Moving at the speed of light often leads to minimum viable products (MVPs) that are not actually viable, medium-term nightmares with poorly designed products, burned-out founders and burned-up piles of investor cash.

If you are an entrepreneur, what should your key targets be to help you truly achieve your vision?

If you are an investor, how do you invest with confidence? What are the key markers you should be looking for in a potential early-stage investment?

This masterclass, led by Jonathan Steel, combines theory with practicality and experience. Jonathan combines deep experience in the innovation and executive advisory arenas with a successful entrepreneurial track record. As founder and CEO of AirSensa (which captures city-scale air quality data), he has extensive experience in working with large-scale IoT, machine learning, massively scalable platforms, and cybersecurity. And as founder of the strategic advisory firm The Bathwick Group, he has written and consulted for more than 20 years on a variety of technology and eco topics including AI, IoT, digitisation, disruptive business models, urbanisation, and sustainability.