Spotlight on Youth Entrepreneurship

Spotlight on Youth Entrepreneurship

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Over 40 percent of the world population is under the age of 25 and yet youth unemployment stands at 13.2%, which is three times higher than the figure for adults, which is 4.3%. This presents both challenges and opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. In this session, we will tackle the topic of how entrepreneurship can be a pathway to career success for youth worldwide. We will have a conversation with a panel of accomplished entrepreneurial leaders who have harnessed the power of entrepreneurship education and experienced a new mindset that led them to either successful businesses or career paths. Inspired by their successes, we will discuss how to harness the energy and vitality of this segment of the population and to provide them opportunities to expand their horizons through entrepreneurship.

Typically, youth unemployment includes unemployed individuals aged 15 to 24 – an age range to have either just finished school or graduated and looking for jobs. According to the development of youth unemployment in regions of the world, the rate is the highest in the Middle East, as is the general unemployment rate worldwide.

This rise in youth unemployment and the equally disturbing high levels of young people who work but still live in poverty are alarming. Also, to escape unemployment, it has become quite common in some parts of the world to leave ones hometown and look for work elsewhere. This trend can be reversed by empowering the youth from at least a high school age if exposed to the right entrepreneurship education. This in turn should equip them with the right mindset and tools to face potential unemployment challenges ahead in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and decent work.

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