Masterclass: Scaling Disruptive Innovation + Understanding The Traction Gap

17 Apr 2019
10:00 - 11:50
Session Room 05

Masterclass: Scaling Disruptive Innovation + Understanding The Traction Gap

Powered by Babson College and Wildcat Venture Partners

Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, and Consumer Enterprises are being disrupted by technology, and business is no longer being driven by oil and manufacturing. We are living in a new era – the Era of Intelligence – where the only real currency is data. We call it “Digital Oil.” As oil drove the 20th century, “Digital Oil” will drive the 21st.

With the right formula, capital and access to talent, we have an opportunity to build, operate, and invest in the disruptive technology companies and ecosystems of the future. We can be part of a select group of 21st Century innovators, inventors, and investors who want to define innovation in the Era of Intelligence.

This is not easy. How to scale disruptive innovation has remained largely undocumented. In this session, we introduce the Traction Gap, a Silicon Valley formula that has been responsible for repeated successes in creating category and market disruptors in B2B and B2B2C technology.

This session is based on the recently published book, Traversing the Traction Gap by Bruce Cleveland and Wildcat Venture Partners, a premier VC firm in Silicon Valley. Using real world insights accumulated from building and scaling global tech companies, the Traction Gap framework increases the likelihood of successful ventures, reduces startup failure rates and ensures go-to-market success for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

80 percent of startups either fail outright or fail to return on investment. We act differently. Based on the four core pillars that comprise the building blocks of all companies: Product, Revenue, Team, and Systems, you will learn how to develop and strengthen these core pillars at each stage of the Traction Gap journey. You will learn how to spend your resources and time for your company and place yourself in the most favorable position to increase the likelihood of success.