Startup Bahrain: The Middle East's commercial launchpad

16 Apr 2019
11:00 - 11:50
Session Room 03

Startup Bahrain: The Middle East's commercial launchpad

Powered by Economic Development Board of Bahrain.

Bahrain has all the ingredients that startups are looking for and this session will explain why startups should first look to Bahrain to launch and grow. Firstly, it has a vibrant startup community that is growing every day. Success breeds success. Entrepreneurs want to learn from their peers, bouncing ideas off each other, encouraging their partners to new heights. Bahrain has attracted innovators from around the world, creating a fusion of different cultures, philosophies and working-styles, that play out in a variety of incubators, accelerators and startup hubs.

Secondly, a forward looking and agile regulatory environment that supports, rather than hinders, a modern, digital economy. Many entrepreneurs fear regulation, but a carefully created system can find a balance between promoting innovation and protecting the consumer. Whether that is creating a level playing field through enhanced competition or adopting a unique approach to data security, Bahrain is a world leader in building a pro-business environment.

Thirdly, Bahrain is the perfect launchpad to even greater regional success. It is the ideal gateway to expanding across the Middle East thanks to its superlative infrastructure and first-class transport links. But, it is also the ideal testbed for new products and services. Not just because of a tech-savvy population, but due to initiatives such as a regulatory sandbox for FinTechs or subsidized access to cloud technology.

This session will focus on what Bahrain has to offer, demonstrating how easy it is to set up a company in the Kingdom and immediately start growing; attracting staff, investment and customers.