Leaders + Feeders in Policy: Tapping Entrepreneurs' Input to Remove Barriers

Leaders + Feeders in Policy: Tapping Entrepreneurs' Input to Remove Barriers

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Policy to support entrepreneurship has come to the fore in recent years, as evidenced by the emergence of startup acts and policy communities like Startup Nations. This spreading awareness of entrepreneurship among policymakers, along with expanding knowledge of what works, gives hope that governments can become useful allies in entrepreneurship development. This encouraging picture is incomplete, however, if entrepreneurs remain on the sidelines of decisions that affect them.

Many are acquainted with Brad Feld’s thesis that entrepreneurs should be leaders and others should be feeders of ecosystem development. Yet more often than not, entrepreneurs’ own priorities do not feature prominently in policymaking. This session will highlight the value of incorporating entrepreneur needs into policy frameworks with a focus on removing barriers and promoting inclusive opportunity.

Speakers will address policy priorities and avenues of policy influence that can expand the entrepreneurial space for youth, women, and company founders with limited means. Drawing on concrete examples, the conversation will cover barriers to entrepreneurship and whom they affect, and how policies can be designed to benefit the broadest set of entrepreneurs. Relevant themes include business registration, barriers to scaling, incumbent advantages, and gender discrimination.

The panel will be asked to share recommendations on engaging entrepreneurs effectively and inclusively; aligning policy with entrepreneurs’ priorities; and combining evidence with grassroots perspectives.