15 Apr 2019
10:00 - 12:50


Every day, GEN works to enable one global entrepreneurial ecosystem where we all help each other improve ways of life for our fellow citizens. As a community, we view national boundaries as porous to innovation and solutions – we do not judge your background or from where you come, but where you are trying to go.

For the first time in the history of the GEC, the GEN Annual Meeting is open to all delegates in an inclusive effort to enable everyone to leverage GEN's powerful communities and wide array of tools. GEN was built from the bottom up – starting with the communities in 170 nations who celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week – but welcomes leaders from government, industry and academia in this journey of designing solutions for strengthening economies by empowering and educating local talent to unleash their ideas for a better, more sustainable life for all.

Join us for an array of plenary sessions and workshops around designing solutions to accelerate these efforts. At the GEN Annual Meeting you will:

– Be inspired by others doing great things often with few resources and return home armed with fresh energy and new tools.

– See how GEN is developing knowledge and understanding, connecting, support and celebrating our entrepreneurs and those enabling them.

– Learn about who is doing what around the world to better enable their entrepreneurs and inspire more citizens to help.

– Find out how you can be a part of your national GEN Affiliate, why you should get involved and how it can support you too.

– Watch GEN Managing Directors share successes and failures in building their organizations for impact as they discuss.

– Engage with your nation's leaders in designing a national enterprise strategy and pick from an array of GEN and GEN partner programs to implement it.

– Learn about GEN's latest global initiatives – various projects and programs rolled out around the world built on local know how – hear success stories and modeling – and decide how you can access them for local impact.

– Learn about how a small nation – Bahrain is able to test and implement.