Global Entrepreneurship Research Network: Annual Meeting

Global Entrepreneurship Research Network: Annual Meeting

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The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network is a working coalition that catalyzes and aligns research that is integrally linked with the practice of entrepreneurship and the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Each member organization is a leader in its nation or region in promoting entrepreneurship broadly. GERN members undertake collaborative projects, share knowledge and strive to establish open, standardized data resources.

The following organizations will discuss their upcoming research priorities:
















































  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, South Africa
  • Arab Institute for Business Leaders, Tunisia
  • Argidius Foundation, Switzerland
  • Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), USA
  • Bahrain Fintech Bay
  • Centre for Entrepreneurs, United Kingdom
  • Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat), Bahrain
  • Daffodil International University, Bangladesh
  • FATE Foundation, Nigeria
  • Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Kauffman Foundation, USA
  • Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation (KEF), South Korea
  • MaRS Data Catalyst, Canada
  • Mindcette LLC, USA
  • Nesta, United Kingdom
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Quatere, USA
  • RKW, Germany
  • Startup Genome, USA
  • UNCTAD, Switzerland
  • Universidad del Rosario, Colombia
  • University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  • University Teacher College Vienna/Krems, Austria
  • University of Ghana Business School, Ghana
  • Tamkeen, Bahrain