Becoming a Startup Nation

16 Apr 2019
15:30 - 16:20

Becoming a Startup Nation

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Panel session.

The challenges facing entrepreneurs are immense, however given the impact of startups on society, and the capacity of entrepreneurship to enhance economic growth, we are witnessing countries, regions and cities welcoming entrepreneurship, and constantly improving entrepreneurship supporting ecosystems.

Creating an entrepreneurial supporting ecosystem takes careful planning. In this session we will discuss the way Israel has grown from a ’base of the pyramid’ economy, relying on agriculture and tourism, into the Startup Nation it is now.

Entrepreneurship has become the national pastime in Israel, with hundreds of venture capital firms and thousands of active startups, shared working spaces and startup accelerators flocking Israel’s version of Silicon Valley.

A tiny country with a population of less than 9M, Israel has earned the moniker of “Startup Nation” mostly because it has the largest number of startups per capita in the world, around 1 startup for every 1400 people. Some of these startups have gone on to be high-profile exits – Waze, which sold to Google for $1.3 billion, Mobileye to Intel for $15.3 billion, among many, many others, more than France, Germany and the UK combined.
Israeli brand name is built from their human resources and active support from the government, Entrepreneurial spirit is deeply ingrained in everyone, like survival skills. It is easy to access information and networks, enabling each individual to contribute his or her smallest ideas.

Israel has been encouraging entrepreneurship for over 50 years now, by developing a range of supportive programs and initiatives. Recently we are viewing a wide spread effort to encourage entrepreneurship in the social periphery, in particular, in the minorities.
The “Supporting Ecosystems” session will focus on the stages which took place in the making of Israel the Startup Nation it is, and current efforts, methods and tools encouraging inclusiveness.