e-Regulations: Helping Governments Reduce Barriers to Entrepreneurship

16 Apr 2019
14:30 - 15:20
Session Room 02

e-Regulations: Helping Governments Reduce Barriers to Entrepreneurship

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The eRegistration and eRegulations platforms offered by Global Enterprise Registration at ger.co provide countries with large informal economies not just a new tool for more efficiently registering businesses, but new cost-effective tools that make it easier for entrepreneurs to interact with government agencies and comply with administrative regulations.

In this session, Mr. Grozel will present case studies of how placing regulations on-line in one platform provides policymakers and administrators with a new model for achieving regulatory policies and practices that are simple, quick and easy.

Further, GEN and its partners are developing a new vision based on block chain technology that will enable governments anywhere to put affordable new innovative administrative processes in place – including cost-effective single user window interfaces for all business-related interactions.

This session is a must-attend for policymakers as well as those guiding government investment toward accelerating entrepreneurship at home.