Global Business Angels Network Annual Meeting

Global Business Angels Network Annual Meeting

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With 80 member networks from five continents, this Annual Meeting represents a singular opportunity to share and learn about the latest achievements of the angel networks around the globe, and help building cross border connections, collaborations or portfolios among members and other ecosystem actors.

Welcome + Opening Remarks

Jonathan Ortmans, GBAN Co-Chair

Plenary Discussion:

Trends &Perspective of Early-Stage Investing from Around the World

Padmaja Ruparel, GBAN Co-Chair, Indian Angel Network

Baybars Altuntas, GBAN Co-Chair, European Business Angel Network

Tomi Davies, GBAN Co-Chair, African Business Angels Network

Cross Border Investment: In-depth Discussion among Members

During this interactive knowledge-sharing session, members will discuss their experiences facilitating international investments and cover questions such as:

  • What on-the-ground issues did you face?
  • Did you leverage other member networks? If so, for what purposes?
  • What challenges to due diligence did you face?
  • What routes were available to bring the ROI back home?


Nawaf Alkooheji, CEO, Tenmou, the Bahraini Business Angels Company
Raman Roy, Co-founder, IAN Indian Angel Network


During this discussion, members will discuss the answers to questions such as:

  • What regulatory changes have worked for removing barriers to angel investment?
  • What policy incentives have been effective for increasing angel investment in both developed and developing economies?


Paulo Andrez,EBAN President Emeritus, Portugal
Peter Adams,Angel Capital Association, United States
Sandi Gilbert,National Angel Capital Organisation, Canada
Arvind Gupta,CEO MyGov, Ministry of Electronics &IT (MeitY), India
Padmaja Ruparel,GBAN Co-Chair, Indian Angel Network

Fireside Chat: How Are Women Changing the Angel Field?

During this conversation, members will discuss the role of women as consumers, investors, and founders and their significant role shaping the investment landscape for startups around the world.

Proposed questions to explore include:

  • What has changed in the angel investing landscape in recent years?
  • How has the involvement of women as investors, consumers and founders changed the dynamic of early stage investing around the world?
  • Why are there not more women angel investors?
  • Do you know of any platforms or resources for first time women investors to get their feet wet in angel investing?
  • What can we do as policy advocates and as a society to increase women’s participation in channeling capital to startups?

Discussion Leader:Rebeca Hwang, Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures

The Final Frontier: GEN Space and Other New Areas of Angel Investing

GEN Space provides a global ecosystem platform to help stimulate the creation of startups and scale-ups focused on entrepreneurial opportunities in space. By connecting existing and nascent space entrepreneurs with relevant government agencies, industry and investors, GEN Space promotes collaboration and helps increase the viability of space commerce while serving over 2,000 companies employing thousands of astropreneurs.


Stephan Reckie,Angel Investor &Executive Director, GEN Space
Rodrigo Villa,GEN Space
Phil Auerswald,GEN Exponential

Closing Remarks

GBAN Co-Chairs