Ecosystem Diagnostics: Conducting a Gap Analysis

Ecosystem Diagnostics: Conducting a Gap Analysis

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What is the best way to identify and analyze the gaps that undermine the performance of your entrepreneurial ecosystems? What institutions and support structures need to be in place? What are the best metrics upon which to measure ecosystem development? What is the best evidence upon which to design effective new programs and make sound recommendations to those who allocate resources to develop their ecosystem.

Because the number of cases where inadequate research has resulted ineffective policies and programs continues to grow, this work is more vital than ever before if we are to propel entrepreneurship and innovation communities around the world.

During this session, GEC delegates will:

  • Hear from experts who have developed models for analyzing ecosystem strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore why the explosion of programming for entrepreneurs and interest among policymakers in enabling ecosystems has met with mixed results in many countries
  • Examine how standardized datasets that are broad-based, able to keep pace in a fast moving field, and reliable can be generated or gathered in a rigorous, consistent and cost-effective manner
  • Provide feedback to those leading the development of the kind of data framework that capture the best measures for evaluating programs and assessing ecosystem performance
  • Contribute to creating a community of “data ready” entrepreneurship support organizations.