Designing a World-class Startup Campus

Designing a World-class Startup Campus

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The famed CEOs who incubated big ideas while in college have given rise to a thriving student entrepreneurship sector. The list of businesses started in dorm rooms grows every day – Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Michael Dell from Dell and Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google all started businesses in dorms or on campus – and young entrepreneurs are eager to emulate these successes before they graduate college.

For many entrepreneurially minded students, the university setting offers an enticing ecosystem of free wifi, online resources, copy and print services, library materials, and free advisors. All are indispensable tools for developing a new business. In addition, because universities are as multidisciplinary hubs, an entrepreneur is likely to meet well-rounded individuals with diverse ideas – the kind of exchanges that to produce intersecting and innovative concepts. However, many students are reluctant to follow inchoate business plans and risk wasting tuition.

We believe the two are not mutually exclusive. The question is how to design campuses that enhance entrepreneurial activity at the university level? What types of educational curriculum, physical spaces, technology, and community building tools does a school need to help shape and empower the career goals of a student rather than hinder them?

Join us for a two-part session during which we seek answers. First we will set the stage with a moderated discussion among a group of experts. Then we want to hear your ideas about how to design world leading campus-based entrepreneurship hubs. During the first part, we will examine the intersection between university life and entrepreneurship. During the second part, we will engage you in a design thinking exercise to learn your ideas and feedback.