Buyout entrepreneurship and M&A: key drivers of growth

17 Apr 2019
12:00 - 12:50

Buyout entrepreneurship and M&A: key drivers of growth

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There are many ways to become an entrepreneur. Buyout entrepreneurship is one of the ways to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of individuals but remains unknown in many countries still today.

Buying an existing company, instead of starting up one, is a less risky alternative and brings many advantages such as an existing client base, staff and know-how. It can also bring a concrete solution to unemployment, by helping people create their own job thanks to the acquisition of a business. Research also shows that businesses that are taken over by a new owner-entrepreneur deliver higher performance and innovation. The positive impact on employment should not be under-estimated: if the owners of existing businesses who retire do not identify a successor within the family or a buy-in/buy-out entrepreneur to take over the company, economic value and jobs would be lost. Also, encouraging entrepreneurs to grow their business not only internally but also externally, i.e. by acquiring an existing firm should be more promoted to stimulate grow in our regions and countries.

Transeo, the European Association for SME Transfer, gathers more than 60 Members from almost 20 countries around Europe and beyond. Its main objective is to stimulate successful transfers and acquisitions of companies thanks to networking and exchange of good practices. During that session, Transeo will share the main trends, good practices and tips & trips to stimulate buyout entrepreneurship and external growth by acquisition as key drivers of growth.