Influencing policy to enable startups to compete locally & internationally

16 Apr 2019
14:30 - 15:20

Influencing policy to enable startups to compete locally & internationally

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The panel will gather SMEs development board stakeholders to discuss the achieved policies that contribute in building a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem that stimulate growth of SMEs to produce products and services that can compete locally and internationally with supportive environment and interventions of technology transfer and entrepreneur culture.
As the growth and expansion of SMEs and entrepreneurs are constrained by challenges and problems fall into broad areas of access to finance, physical infrastructure, level of technology, regulatory framework, access to information and advice, access to market, business development services, technical and managerial skills, linkage information and environmental issues. The SMEs development board concentrate on growth oriented policy that have a progressive achievement on entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The scope of discussion will include the following:

– Policies that launched by the SMEs development board to stimulate entrepreneurial ecosystem.
– Competitiveness and efficiency improvement.
– Expected trends in the policy landscape and how it might shape the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the years to come.
– Recognize and set out the important roles that stakeholders play.