What works in driving enterprise growth via support services

17 Apr 2019
11:00 - 12:50

What works in driving enterprise growth via support services

Powered by Argidius Foundation & Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs.

Short Masterclass followed by Workshop.

Come and explore what we are learning about how support services can drive enterprise growth. Are accelerators, networks, training, investment or another type of program most impactful? Or is how they are delivered most important? This interactive session will signpost the common strengths between high performing programs, and create space for you to share your approaches and bring together fellow experts to collaboratively problem solve. This session is for you if you are an ENTERPRISE SUPPORT ORGANIZATION or INVESTOR keen to identify performance enhancing improvements, a FUNDER/ COMMISSIONER looking to understand and fund interventions which effectively and cost efficiently create jobs and grow businesses; or engaged in RESEARCH on how to best support entrepreneurs.

Join the Argidius Foundation and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs to explore lessons from the latest research from emerging economies, the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative, and Argidius Foundation’s support to enterprises across 100 programs through 50+ delivery organizations.