Hilal Saif Al Hosni

Oman | CEO and General Manager - CIMAT GLOBAL

Hilal Saif Al Hosni

Oman | CEO and General Manager - CIMAT GLOBAL


Myself Hilal Saif Al Hosni, I describe myself as a successful entrepreneur, a passionate learner, inspirational and motivated speaker.

I am presently CEO and Owner of a Pre Engineered Building components factory at Sohar Industrial Area, Phase 7 with an anticipated turnover of a million Riyal.

My story and struggle started in 2012 when I returned back to Oman after 18 years of expatriate life with high dreams and aims of beginning a small firm in Oman and standing on my on legs. My dreams and all my savings were shattered and drowned in deceptions from my trusted aider and owing to my inexperience in business field.

With no other option I decided to return back to working as an employee, I struggled to find good salaries which can support my family. I was forced to take up small jobs and by grace of God I was able to find a job in a reputable Diary Company in Oman after struggling with lots of odd jobs.

I was determined to find opportunities and used all my efforts in the company. I firmly believed that the steps of success starts from the bottom and I started my steps working as a driver, helper, loading and unloading and finally find myself in the sales field.

I struggled to attain targets in sales, I was often frustrated at my efforts and the figures were not optimistic and I began to lose hope to continue. But by the will of God I had a change to encounter with another sales person (expatriate) who changed my outlook completely. I realized I was not focusing on the right areas and for successful sales, the milestone quality required is your patience.

I remodeled my approach and focusses in targets patiently approaching customers without being dishearten at failures. As a result after 5 years of my career in that company I raised myself from sales assistant, salesman, sales engineer, sales manager to Assistant General Manager of the Firm. I resigned from the Company to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur again.

I corrected all reasons for earlier failures with my experience patience and learned a lot about successful business plans. After carefully examining all business possibilities came up with the apt business plan and with aid from government SME for a startup loan were able to realize my dream in January 2018. I was so thorough in my business plan that it took only 3 months for government approval.

After one year of continuous struggles and am now the CEO and owner of CIMAT GLOBAL, a company with 11000 sqm of area, manufacturing sandwich panels and other PEB components.

I always highlight to my fellow entrepreneurs that hardwork, patience and a thorough business plan will be rewarded with great opportunities, possibilities and finally in success.

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