Advising CEOs (and the ones who want to get there) is aligned with my purpose and I do so in any country directly or with our global team of CEOs, as, for me, everyone has equal value and potential to execute their dreams. I lived a family company bankruptcy in the footwear industry, when I was young, and I prefered to choose the path of dreaming and exploring what it takes to be a great CEO. The first time I was CEO, it was running MM+A Branding, where I started from organyzing paper until I was invited to lead the team through a global crisis and the digitization era. Now I'm dedicated to MDA, inspiring the World, to CEO WORLD, leading a global team of CEOs, to The Minders, an organization dedicated to solve social causes and I'm the Chairman of IMiF (International Minds in Finland) for Portugal. I'm regularly invited to deliver insights about the art of conducting (how to be a memorable CEO). I write regularly in well-known publications about CEOs and Boards. I am a firm believer that to be a successful CEO we must assume the management of 3 skill assets to execute our purposes and the bridge between A and Z: - Person: Life Plan; - Organization: Business Plan; - Context: World & Industry Anticipation. I value the interaction between accuracy and dream in the context of Management, therefore I lay down my own statements: - Mission: Leaving a trait to improve the World, as little as it might be, in the whole of my capacities; - Values: Freedom, Ethics, Truth, Justice, Dedication, Transparency, Ambition (of which dreams are made of); - Vision: Contribute to leave a legacy of true leaders working through CEO WORLD by MDA with 1% of the worldwide CEOs (Total companies: 46.000 listed companies / 115M companies / 99% SME / 1% Big Companies).